Celebrating every stage of life

Cariad Personal Ceremonies offers exclusive, stylish and bespoke celebrations without compromise. Every ceremony is specially designed around your own dreams and plans, as well as your unique personalities, ensuring that your event is perfect in every way. Whether you’re planning a wedding, renewing your wedding vows, naming a child or saying your final farewells to a loved one, your special event will always be designed to reflect your own personal wishes. Our journey together starts with your vision for your personalised day, working to ensure that your dream becomes a reality.

“So beautiful, so unique, so meaningful. So personal and loving”

Why not bring your ceremony to life by allowing Cariad to create perfect memories?

About Cariad

Cariad Personal Ceremonies is the vision of celebrant Ali Fleming. I am a former Registrar that brings 12 years of ceremony and venue experience to the table. I am passionate when it comes to designing bespoke ceremonies for my clients. My ability to bring a blank space to life and orchestrate a carefully planned special occasion is second to none. I give couples and families the opportunity to celebrate events in a highly personal way always staying true to themselves

Are you a Wedding Planner?

I work alongside experienced wedding planners to create high-quality, stylish wedding ceremonies. While you source the suppliers and plan the day, a ceremony will be designed by myself that aligns perfectly with our clients’ wishes. Whether you specialise in wedding planning in the UK or abroad, together we can provide a seamless, first-class experience for our clients’ special day. If you’re a wedding planner, please get in touch to find out how we can work together.

Me & Dee Charity

A very special friend of mine, Maria Hanson MBE formed a charity called me&dee, to create special moments and memories, to both children and adults who have a life threatening, life shortening or a terminal condition, those not so fortunate. With every ceremony booked through Cariad Personal Ceremonies, Ali will donate £25.00 to purchase a  “Hope” Memory Elephant which is gifted to every child, enjoying one of these special holidays. For further information please go to www.me&dee.co.uk

Contact me if you would like to create special memories that will last a lifetime

‘Cariad’ is the Welsh word for love…

“The importance of love underpins every aspect of my ceremonies. I bring families together to celebrate every stage of their life journey. I strongly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have a bespoke ceremony of their choice free from any restriction. My passion, knowledge and friendly approach enables me to hold my client’s hand throughout their journey. Many of my clients are professionals who lack the time, energy and knowledge to create their perfect day. I help to ease their anxieties and stress. My aim is to make my clients’ dreams come true through highly personalised ceremonies.”

Ali Fleming, Celebrant

Cariad is registered with the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants (FOIC) and is a recognised Professional member of NAWPUK, one of only 3 members based in the Midlands.