This blog is to highlight ideas for you when facing postponement of your original wedding date

Hello!….. Have you been facing the awful gut-wrenching decisions over the last few weeks of having to postpone your wedding celebrations to a different date ?… We all know the situation is completely out of all of ou celebrations to a different date ?… We all know the situation is completely out of all of our controls and I imagine you are sick of people telling you that! One of the most frustrating parts of reorganising new dates at the moment is not being able to secure your desired new date with the registrars or church.

Legals all completed?  Perhaps you have already undertaken the legal part of your ceremony, under the restrictions of COVID safe distancing guidelines, and therefore not been able to share that part with your loved ones. If so are you now looking to have a further Ceremony – one that all your friends and loved ones can attend, on the date that you have postponed to just for your reception party? Did you know that you can hold a ceremony, even after you have completed the legal part?

I can help ….

Who am I? …  I am Ali Fleming of Cariad Personal Ceremonies … I am a Celebrant and Ceremony Designer. I have been in business for 4 years, and previously worked in the Wedding  Industry for over 12 years… So, I know a thing or two about Weddings !!   I hope I am able to ease your angst in the process with rebooking your new chosen date or with revised plans. 

Let’s try and look at all the positives- that you have a new date to look forward to… This is also the opportunity of looking into a completely refreshing way of holding your ceremony.

I write and deliver extraordinary ceremonies. I work alongside you to put the content together that is all about you two individuals and your own Love Story. And guess what?- there are NO restrictions- you can have whatever you would like, wherever you would like and at what time you would like. I only book one ceremony a day so I won’t be rushing off anywhere else. I’m all about taking the stresses out of your journey, not adding to them. Everything about my journey with you is personalised to you.

Will my ceremony be the same as the Registrars?  A structured framework is offered, very similar to that of the Registrars, in that, I supply a signing book for you and a bespoke certificate,(designed especially in the style of your wedding ) that we ask your chosen witness’ to come forward and sign. You will say vows and promises to each other and exchange rings… that is where the similarity ends … the rest is about creating a ceremony where you are both relaxed and able to enjoy your day and making memories for you and your loved ones. I especially love to hear you telling me about “that” moment, if it was on a skyscraper, a beach, in your house, how it was executed.

The importance of your Love Story  There is nothing more energising for me, when I meet you for the first time, in just listening to your unique journey and the reason that your chosen path has taken you to make the next step in your commitment to each other. Its Love, its the most important element. It is humbling when you share the story of that” moment”, the planned surprise question, if it was on a skyscraper, a beach, in your house, how it was executed. The laughter, the nudges, the facial expressions, all within those moments of retelling your story is one of the best parts of my job. Your unique Story will play a large part in the structure of your ceremony style, and how you would like it to be retold. Funny, Romantic, Traditional, Fictional …

Is the content of a ceremony important?  Usually being held at the beginning of your day of celebrations, it is important to give yourselves and your guests, the content that will give upbeat, adrenaline-pumping, tear-jerking, emotions, on which the best memories are based. It is also important to respect the solemnity of a wedding ceremony and set the framework of content to reflect this.

Setting the scene  Some of the best memories of a Wedding ceremony are captured from giving your guests a taste of what is to come.- before you and your bridal party come down the aisle.M Many of your guests may have only previously experienced a Registrar or religious service. Let your guests know the minute they find their seats that they are going to experience a Wedding day that is going to be so very different and Unique …

Jenga Pieces One great idea is to have a wooden Jenga piece placed on each person’s chair with a pen, this sits wonderfully aside a very creative personalised order of service…. giving an outline of the ceremony, but not in any detail, (not to spoil the surprises in store.). I ask all of your guests to complete on all sides of the Jenga pieces, their own personalised messages for you. This gives the guests something to focus on whilst waiting for you and your bridal party to arrive….

Music In many of my ceremonies, the couples fit in about 12 pieces of their previously chosen music…. Music is a great scene-setter and the couples have fun in spending time on our journey, choosing special favourite tracks for certain parts of the ceremony. It’s not an easy task. Most couples usually only have to think of 4 pieces for a registrar led ceremony – 1 in, 2 for signing, and 1 out… job is done! Imagine having a choice from all the special moments and memories already made on your journey, of all those pieces that take you back into those moments of life shared before.?

Music is one of the most personalised elements that a couple may plan to put into their ceremony – it matches their personalities, their loves, and pulls everything together in choreographing into the different segments of the ceremony. How fantastic is it when a song is chosen for everyone to sing to?- It brings goosebumps up on my arms just reliving those moments – the joy, vibrancy, colour, the togetherness of Love all in one room. That’s what memories are made from. Does this approach tick any boxes for you?

Bringing fresh ideas to the table to run alongside any of your own ideas is what I am about …. Let’s talk about your ideas…. I’d love to hear from you

oh P.S What happens with the Jenga pieces? At the near end of the ceremony, each guest takes it in turns to walk up to the table where the couples are sitting, completing their certificate – read out their messages directly to the bride and groom, have a quick chat and then start building a Jenga puzzle on the table- in front of them- keepsakes for the couple to read after their special day.

#Spreading the Cariad Love

Please visit my website for more examples of past ceremonies or give me a call…. My office is still OPEN ….    07961668996 or send me an email on    …

*** Celebrant ceremonies are not legally binding and a legal declaration at your local register office is required before or after your chosen date for your celebrant led ceremony . Please contact me for further details. 

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